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Brief Blogs, Positive Posts and Compelling Content About Auto Parts

Hello and welcome to my blog about auto parts. My name is Anne, and I have always been interested in cars. As a teen, I used to help my dad work on the family car, and after his death a few years ago, I inherited his car and revisited our old hobby. Restoring that car really helped me through my grief. Now, however, I am ready to help others. I plan to include a range of content focused on auto parts and auto repair service. I hope to write about everything, from buying auto parts, to recognising when you need replacements, to cutting edge research on auto parts. Please explore, and I hope you like these posts.



Four Unexpected Benefits of Tinted Windows

Tinted car windows have never been more popular than they are right now. Everyone speaks very highly of their aesthetic properties, and they're mostly thought of as being a good way to enhance your privacy while you're driving - but there's a lot more to automotive tinting than that! Read on to find out more about the hidden benefits of car window tinting.

Tinted windows can block UV rays, protecting your skin from the sun.

Everyone knows how important it is to wear sunscreen while driving - but did you know that you can protect yourself even more by getting the darkest legal tint? According to, some films can block 99.9% of harmful UV rays - meaning that you'll be as safe as you can be from the sun while you're driving.

You'll save money on upholstery maintenance if your windows are tinted.

Light damage is one of the biggest culprits for damage your automotive upholstery. Leather flakes with time and colors will inevitably fade - but you can significantly reduce the speed at which this happens by blocking more of the light that comes in through your car's windows. Nobody wants to have to replace their seat covers every couple of years, but investing in well-tinted windows is a good way to keep the damage at bay.

No more stifling heat on summer days -- a good tint will keep your car cool.

Everyone knows how horrible it can feel to get into a parked car on a hot day. A 35% window tint is all you need to make the experience less stifling, though - some sources suggest that you can reduce heat by as much as 60% just by having your windows tinted. You'll also be able to keep your children and pets happy in the back, where in many places the darkest legal tint is even higher than it is at the front! 

Tinted windows are harder to break and help to reduce the danger of shattering.

Nobody likes to think that they'll have an accident, but according to Forbes pretty much every driver will make a claim at least once during their driving life. Most of those accidents are minor, but it's important to take precautions - and a shatterproof tint can save you or your passengers from a life-changing injury should the worst happen. Many modern car tint films offer some protection against shattering glass.